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Date Created: 7/23/2009   Date Modified: 4/27/2012

+Positioning Options with the ColorChecker Passport

To help you get the best possible shot, the ColorChecker Passport targets can be positioned a variety of ways.

Self-Standing ColorChecker Classic and Creative Enhancement target - The Creative Enhancement and ColorChecker Classic targets can be positioned in plane with each other. Use the back page to stand the targets and adjust the angle with respect to the camera.

Self-Standing ColorChecker Classic or Creative Enhancement target - The Passport case can be articulated so that either target is exactly facing the lens. When positioning the target, be careful to not rest patches straight down on a surface where they could become soiled.

Horizontal - When shooting at 90º to the subject is required, use the back page to support the target.

Hand held - The ColorChecker Passport is small and rigid enough to be easily held by its edges in the scene in plane with the camera. Be careful that your model does not cover or cast a shadow onto any of the patches with their fingers.