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Date Created: 8/7/2006   Date Modified: 5/18/2012

+Eye-One Match Monitor Calibration Crashes

Q - Eye-One Match crashes, when I click the right arrow to start my monitor calibration process. What could be the reason?

A - Reason: On a very few monitors Eye-One Match crashes when it searches for support of automatic calibration (via SoftDDC interface). The workaround is to switch off the search for SoftDDC support: This can be done as follows:

On Mac OS X:

1. Hold the "CONTROL" key and click on the Eye-One Match program icon.

2. In the pull-down menu, select "'Show Package Contents."

3. Navigate to "Contents/Mac OS/Config."

4. Double-click on the Config file to open in TextEdit.

5. Add the following line (without the quotes): "SkipSoftDDC=1"

On Windows:

1. Open the file "Config" within the Eye-One Match program folder with Notepad or Wordpad.

2. Add the following line (without quotes): "SkipSoftDDC=1" directly below the other text.  Save and close.