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Date Created: 9/2/2009   Date Modified: 6/9/2016

+Lost Dongle for i1 Spectrophotometer?

Some people have contacted us and asked if the i1 Spectrophotometer uses a dongle. It does not, but here's an elaboration.

The i1 device does not use a USB dongle for use with i1Match software. The licenses are built into the device itself. If you are using your i1 with another program, then that program may use a separate dongle. Our Monaco Profiler and ProfileMaker programs use such a dongle, and the possession of the dongle enables the use of the program.

Typically, the loss of the dongle will require the repurchase of the program. We place full versions of our software programs on our website, so that people who own the dongle, can install the software on any computer that they need to use without painful registration and activation procedures.

If you are attempting to use the i1 with i1Match software, the serial number of the i1 (found on the underside of the device) will assist us in determining which licenses are currently present in the device, and which might require additional purchase.