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Date Created: 9/16/2009   Date Modified: 5/18/2012

+No active monitor profile message in Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)

This is an artifact of using i1Match 3.6.2 software with the Mac OS X (Snow Leopard 10.6).

Users of the i1Display2 and i1 devices that build their monitor profiles with i1Match may experience a message on restart that the computer has no active monitor profile and one needs to be created.

When checking for the profile in System Preferences > Displays > Color, the profile actually is there and is being applied.  The workaround solution for this issue, that has began with Snow Leopard Mac 10.6, is to build a monitor profile, but deselect the checkmark in the box to the left of "Activate reminder for the monitor calibration".

Now you can select a valid monitor profile, restart your Mac and confirm that the computer no longer gives you this error message.