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Date Created: 3/24/2011   Date Modified: 6/7/2016

+USB Dongle not recognized by i1Profiler

The i1Profiler software setup program installs the HASP USB dongle drivers on Mac and Windows, which were the most current available versions at time of i1Profiler being published. After successful installation of the i1Profiler and HASP dongle driver, a red LED should light in the dongle, when you connect it to the computer.

If the red light is not visible in the purple i1Profiler dongle, the driver installation has probably failed for some reason.

To fix this issue, install the latest dongle driver again by following these steps:

- Close all applications
- Disconnect your dongle
- Download and just over-install the latest dongle driver from the link below
- Restart your computer
- Connect the dongle

i1Profiler uses a purple-colored HASP dongle that will use the "HASP HL" driver that can be downloaded from the following link:


PC users should select the file labeled "HASP_HL_driver_setup.zip".  This is the GUI installer which supports both 32 and 64 bit operating systems and has full support for Microsoft's VISTA.

Note: The HASP SRM Run-time Environment is backward-compatible with legacy HASP HL. Use the HASP SRM Run-time Environment in place of HASP HL drivers.

Mac users should select the file labeled "HDD_Installer_MacOSX.dmg".  As of this writing the latest version is date 11/2007.  This dongle driver now provides full support for Apple's Leopard.  NOTE: while named the same as above, this file is loaded from a different location and is HL specific!