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Date Created: 3/24/2011   Date Modified: 6/7/2016

+i1Pro not recognized by i1Profiler on Windows

Depending on your version of software, the i1Pro spectrophotometer (i1) can contain licenses for creating profiles in i1Profiler software or you may use it simply as a measurement device within your i1Profiler software. 

The i1, when connected should act as a dongle but if i1Profiler software launches in DEMO mode only (with no green checkmarks), this might indicate, that i1Profiler does not recognize your i1.

If you want to do measurements with your connected i1 but i1Profiler shows a message 'Device not connected' in the measurement windows, this might also indicate, that i1Profiler does not recognize your i1.

Please check the following items to solve the issue:

First level steps:

  • Connect device directly to USB port on computer
  • Or try connecting device via an externally powered USB Hub
  • Launch only one application at time (quit unused applications)
  • Un-plug device, wait 5 seconds, then re-plug device, wait another 5 seconds
  • Switch off Windows Defender in System's control panel 'Security' (Vista, Windows 7)
  • Switch off UAC (User Account Control) in System's control panel 'User Accounts' (Vista, Windows 7)

Second level steps:

  • Go to System's hardware manager and locate your connected USB device
  • Verify, that driver is installed properly, if not...
  • Right-click on device, select ‚'Install driver',
  • Hardware installation assistent appears, let install the driver automatically (let search on local volume)

Third level steps:

  • Un-install i1Profiler (consider un-installation notes for Windows)
  • Re-install latest i1Profiler to ensure that latest X-Rite Devices (XRD) is installed (consider installation notes for Windows)
  • Or un- and re-install only latest X-Rite Devices, which can be downloaded here (disconnect instruments before installation)
  • Verify that 'X-Rite Devices' is set to 'Started/Automatic' in system's Services Management
  • Right-click on 'My Computer' symbol, select 'Manage'
  • Click on 'Services and Applications', then double-click on 'Services'
  • Set Status and Startup Type to Started/Automatic for XRD and all X-Rite devices