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Date Created: 6/15/2011   Date Modified: 4/18/2012

+Spot Colors Import From Pantone Color Manager

i1Profiler will allow users to import spot colors to be added to patch sets for profile creation as well as for profile QA (quality assurance) and profile optimization.   The spot colors will need to be a CxF3 (Color Exchange Format 3) library and the simplest way to accomplish this would be to follow these easy steps.

  1. Open Pantone Color Manager 1.0.2 (or newer) that installs with the i1Profiler software suite.
  2. Create a palette following the instructions in the Pantone Color Manager User Manual located in the program’s “Help” menu.
  3. Select “File” in the upper left, “Export”, and then “i1Profiler®” to save the CxF3 library of spot colors in the proper folder for use in i1Profiler.
  4. Close Pantone Color Manager and then open i1Profiler. 
  5. Navigate to the portion of the software that allows the importing of spot colors. 
    1. In the advanced mode of display profiling, a user will select the “Load spot color patches” icon (third icon above the visual patch set) in the “Patch set” workflow step. 
    2. Click “Load spot colors”, select the CxF library that was saved from Pantone Color Manager, and click “Open”. 
    3. Select the “All patches” icon (first icon above the visual patch set) to see the complete patch set.