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Date Created: 6/13/2011   Date Modified: 3/21/2012

+Display Quality and Uniformity...What Do They Do?

Display "Quality” provides the means to see just how accurately the newly calibrated and profiled monitor can display known color values (i.e., ColorChecker® Classic). This can provide immediate feedback on the monitor’s performance by viewing the “QA Report” workflow step.  Users can also plot the average dE (color difference) to a “Trending” chart to track the monitor’s performance over time.

Display "Uniformity” allows a user to measure the monitor’s ability to display color consistently across its screen.  Data is collected by measuring the center and then at eight additional points around the perimeter of the screen.  Feedback is reported in luminance difference (dL*) as well as color difference (dE).

“Display QA” and “Display Uniformity” might very well provide valuable information that could help users with multiple displays make an informed decision on which one to use for their color-critical work.