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Date Created: 2/28/2018   Date Modified: 5/10/2018

+Update Error - Pantone Color Manager 2.3.1 on Windows

If Pantone Color Manager 2.1.0 or earlier is installed on a Windows PC, the user should be prompted to update to Pantone Color Manager 2.3.1 when opening the Pantone Color Manager software application.  If not, then there is likely an Internet Options setting that needs to be changed.  To confirm the current version of Pantone Color Manager, open the application and go to “Help” > “About”.  If Pantone Color Manager 2.1.0 or earlier is installed, close the “About Pantone Color Manager” window and then go back to “Help” and this time choose “Check for Updates…”.  A settings change will likely need to Internet Options if the following error appears:

“Update Error!

An error occurred in retrieving update information.

Please try again later.”

To allow the update to be auto-detected and downloaded, follow these steps to make the necessary Internet Options setting:

  1. Close Pantone Color Manager
  2. Go to Control Panel > Internet Options and choose the “Advanced” tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Security” section and UNCHECK the box in front of “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”.
  4. Click “Apply” to save this setting and then select “OK” to close Internet Options.
Open Pantone Color Manager and it should prompt you to “Download” Pantone Color Manager 2.3.1.  Download and install the Pantone Color Manager 2.3.1 update.