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Date Created: 6/13/2011   Date Modified: 2/29/2012

+Ambient Light Smart Control: What is it...what does it do?

Ambient Light Smart Control:

The intensity or amount of ambient light surrounding your workspace affects the way you perceive colors on your display. Bright ambient conditions will make your display look darker, with lower contrast. Lower-light ambient conditions will make your display seem brighter, with greater contrast. As a result, changing ambient conditions will change the way you experience the displayed image. The Ambient Light Smart Control feature can compensate for this effect and actually increase the overall perceived color accuracy of your display profile.

Users are encouraged to enable this feature when trying to obtain the best visual match between their display(s) and printed output in their current lighting only. This feature will adjust the tone response (gamma), color saturation, and/or contrast of your display profile based on a measurement of your current ambient lighting.

Some experimentation may be required to see if the Ambient Light Smart Control option is beneficial for your specific work environment.

Please note: this option will likely affect the final tone response (gamma) of your profile and slightly decrease the colorimetric accuracy.