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Date Created: 6/13/2011   Date Modified: 2/29/2012

+Flare Correct™ - What is it and what does it do?

Flare Correct™

Enabling "Flare Correct™" will allow the profile to compensate for flare light falling on the front of the display. The effect of flare light can best be seen when the display is turned off and the user are seated in your normal viewing position in front of the display. This flare light reduces the effective contrast ratio of the display as seen by the viewer.

When enabled, Flare Correct™ will require additional measurements at the end of the profiling process. These measurements quantify the amount of flare light reflecting off the display’s surface and allow the software to compensate for the effect. Typically, Flare Correct™ will improve the accuracy of the display profile.

Consider enabling this option if there is a large amount of glare on the surface of the display when the display is powered off while seated in a normal position relative to the display.

NOTE - Enabling either Ambient Light Smart Control or Flare Correct will require ambient light measurements of  the work environment. Taking an ambient light measurement is very easy and the software will guide the user through this process.