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Date Created: 6/14/2011   Date Modified: 2/29/2012

+Display Match Function in ColorMunki Display

Display Match: 

Enable the “Display Match” feature anytime you have multiple displays connected to your computer and you want them to match each other as closely as possible. 

If there are multiple displays connected, the “Choose Display” screen will display after selecting “Profile My Display” on ColorMunki Display’s home screen,   Beneath the list of displays will be “Display Match” with a checkbox to match the display to another that has been profiled with ColorMunki Display.  All selectable displays will need to be initially profiled with ColorMunki Display before “Display Match” is visible.

“Display Match” will allow you to select a display that has already been profiled with ColorMunki Display and use it as a target when profiling additional displays. When enabled, “Display Match” will automatically extract the profile settings and ambient light measurement from your chosen target display and apply these settings to the display you are about to profile.

Enabling “Display Match” will decrease the number of steps required to build profiles because you will not have to manually select the profile settings or measure your ambient light again.

NOTE - Due to physical color gamut and luminance limitations of your different displays, it may not be possible to match them exactly. However, “Display Match” will allow your displays to closely match each other within their limitations.