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Date Created: 5/18/2012   Date Modified: 5/18/2012

+Text is Gibberish or Encrypted when Launching Software

Installed ColorMunki Display software and when I launch it I get a screen with the text all showing as gibberish or encrypted. The text on the ColorMunki Display application shows as gibberish or encrypted text.

There appears to be a conflict with a process called “FMCore.exe” that installs with the third party font manager.  Extensis is a company that develops four such font managers that use “FMCore.exe”. Those font managers are:

 •Suitcase Fusion
 •Suitcase Fusion 2
 •Suitcase Fusion 3
 •Universal Type Server

In many cases this creates errors during installation on the Windows platform.  On the Mac side users tend to install properly however upon launching the software they are presented with a screen that looks like the text is all gibberish or encryped text.

In order to launch the program successfully with the text looking correct the user will need to shut off the font manager process while using the ColorMunki software.  The process continues to run when disabling therefore to stop the process from running go to:

Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.

When the Activity Monitor window opens, filter by “All processes” and then locate “FMCore”.  Double click to open the options.  Select either “Quit” or “Force Quit” to stop the process.

Now when you launch the ColorMunki software the program will open correctly.  The “FMCore” process will relaunch for the next time the computer is restarted.