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Date Created: 5/14/2013   Date Modified: 6/3/2016

+i1Pro 2 connectivity issues when used with i1iO or standalone with a USB-HUB

If an i1Profiler user is getting unexpected connectivity/communication issues or receives an error message such as “Error: i1Profiler cannot calibrate. Please verify that the i1Pro/i1Pro 2 device is in the i1iO cradle” when they use an i1Pro 2 mounted to an i1iO device or connected standalone through a USB-Hub, try the following to establish connection to the device:

  1. Make sure that the i1Pro 2 device is properly inserted into the i1iO device and the i1iO is connected to the USB-Port and to its power supply.
    (If the i1Pro 2 is connected standalone through a USB-Hub: Make sure you are using a powered USB-Hub and its USB-Cables as well as the power supply are properly connected)
  2. Make sure that there are no other programs open that use the i1Pro 2 measurement device. If so...close all these other programs, reopen i1Profiler and test again.
  3. Make sure that “i1Pro | i1Pro 2” is selected as the “Default display device”
    Do this by returning to the i1Profiler home screen and open “Application Settings” in the lower part of the screen.
  4. If steps 1 to 3 above did not solve the issue please follow instruction a) or b) depending on your actual measurement setup:

a) i1Pro 2 used together with an i1iO device: 

      • Close the i1Profiler program
      • Unplug the power supply from the i1iO device.
      • Make sure the i1Pro 2 is properly mounted to the i1iO device
      • Make sure the i1iO is connected to an USB-Port port (preferably to a rear port on a desktop tower… never into a keyboard, monitor, USB extension, or unpowered USB hub)
      • Connect the power supply to the i1iO device.
      • Open i1Profiler and test again.

b) i1Pro 2 device used standalone connected to a USB-Hub:

      • Close the i1Profiler program.
      • Disconnect the i1Pro 2 from the USB-Hub
      • Connect the i1Pro 2 to the USB-Hub (Note: do not use an unpowered USB-Hub).
      • Open i1Profiler and test again.

5.   If the detailed instructions in step #4 above fail to resolve the issue, close the i1Profiler program, unplug USB cable and power       supply from the i1iO device. Reboot the computer, plug in the USB cable and power supply, open i1Profiler and test again.

6.   If the device still fails to connect, download and install the most current version of X-Rite Device Services (XRD) in 
      the "Software Downloads" section of the i1Profiler support page at the following link: 

7.   Anti-virus and/or firewall software can sometimes prevent devices from properly connecting to a program. Please see the
     additional information at the bottom of this page entitled "Connection Issue On PC With Microsoft Security Essentials",
     "Thunderbolt Display Causes USB Problem?", and "Instrument recognition issue could be caused by Virus Protection Tools" 
     for examples of how a user might eliminate this variable.

If all suggestions above fail to correct the issue, contact X-Rite Customer Service: http://www.xrite.com/contact_us.aspx