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Date Created: 3/6/2012   Date Modified: 5/1/2012

+i1Pro / i1Pro2 Upgrade and Dongle Transfer Procedure

Upgrading and Dongle (license) Transfer procedure for the i1Pro / i1Pro 2 is available in i1Profiler v.1.3.

An i1Pro can be upgraded from legacy X-RITE software or from a i1Basic Pro to fully licensed i1Profiler.
With v1.3 you can also transfer licenses from an i1Pro to the new i1Pro 2.

To upgrade an i1Pro, 1) Launch i1Profiler:launch i1Profiler

Step 2) Connect old i1Pro and press the "Upgrade License" button step 2

Step 3a) Enter the Upgrade code that ships with the EO2BAS-UPGAA and EO2BAS-UPGB packages into
              the "Upgrade License" window and fill our the registration information. enter upgrade code

Step 3b) If the server connection is not available switchto manual activation and call X-RITE.  The Support team
              can create a manual activation license.  manual activation
Step 4a) or Step 4b) Hit the "Activate" button to upgrade the license file in the old i1Pro activate screen
activate b

Step 5) Wait for activation confirmation message and close message box and upgrade window Activation message

Step 6)  i1Profiler is fully Licensed now.  The License is held by the old i1Pro.Front page showing licenses

Step 7)  Press "Transfer License" button  License transfer page

Step 8a)  Connect i1Pro (Basic) to the second USB port and push the "Transfer" button.  transfer

Step 8b)  If Server connection fails call X-RITE Service Center for a manual license code, enter and press "Transfer" manual activation

Step 9)  License are swapped between instruments.  The i1Pro 2 is now fully licensed and the old i1Pro has the licenses that
              used to be on the i1Pro 2.  Note that any i1Match licenses are also transfered.  Transfer license