X-Rite photo

Date Created: 5/1/2012   Date Modified: 5/1/2012

+What is the minimal patch size when measuring with i1Pro2 instrument?

Minimal patch size: 
Scan measurement 7mm
Spot measurement 4.5mm

Smaller patch sizes when scanning allows for more patches per chart, use of smaller process control wedges and more data points per sheet, resulting in higher profile accuracy, faster measurements and savings on consumables.  Filterless dual scan measurement technology, enables the ability to provide multiple measurement conditions through the combination of the device’s two light sources (tungsten and UV LED)..
Scanning measurement speed 200(Hz)

Higher scanning measurement speed allows for use of smaller patches and more data points per patch, resulting in higher profile accuracy and faster measurements.

XRGA (X-Rite Graphic Arts) is a device standard that removes discrepancies across different measurement technologies and creates efficiencies in color measurement and communication procedures.  

i1Pro 2 is equipped with the X‐Rite Graphic Arts Standard (XRGA) to make it quicker and easier for companies and professionals involved in digital production printing to adhere to ISO standards and have confidence that data sent or received from all links in the supply chain is reliable and repeatable.