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Date Created: 6/22/2012   Date Modified: 6/22/2012

+Bad profiles or Error Reading Test Charts

If you are having an issue when reading your test charts with a new i1Pro2 or if you have created a profile but the results were poor, the first thing to check is that you have removed the small yellow sticker on the bottom of the instrument.  This will cause errors in most cases as the window below the sticker is a positioning sensor and it can cause patch recognition issues.  In some cases the charts are read all the way through and the results are a very bad profile most likely because the glide across the media is getting hung up due to the sticker.


After removing the sticker you will have access to the window below or the positioning sensor which is needed for recognition as it reads the zebra strips of the ruler.  This helps you to get accurate measurements.


The zebra strips are lined on the ruler to help users align the positioning sensor.