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Date Created: 6/22/2012   Date Modified: 6/22/2012

+White Point Settings

ow White Point settings will affect your color appearance of your display.

In basic terms, white point determines the color of the white on your computer’s display.
Selecting a warm color temperature such as D50 will create a warm-colored white. A higher temperate setting such as D65 will create a white that is slightly cooler.
By setting the white point of your computer display, you determine the quality of light that your on-screen color will simulate. i1Profiler gives you the flexibility to simulate a variety of conditions, including both standard illuminants or custom defined lighting values.
If you wish to simulate the light quality of a standard viewing booth, choose D50. If you wish to simulate the quality of daylight at noon, choose D65. This is a common setting for most photographic workflows and what X-Rite recommends.  If you prefer cooler daylight, choose D75.
You may also define a custom light quality target by measurement, defining XY chromaticity values, or by selecting a custom daylight temperature. i1Profiler provides you with a native option that allows you to capture the raw color temperature of your display/monitor during the calibration process, and then use it as your target color temperature.
In cases where your ideal color temperature is far from the native display’s white point, you may not be able to maintain both acceptable brightness and hit your target white point. In these cases, selecting the native value is a good alternative.