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Date Created: 7/13/2012   Date Modified: 7/13/2012

+Accelerated Measurement Mode

Some color displays have a wide dynamic range and are capable of producing very dark blacks with very low luminance. When using a spectrophotometer, such as the i1Pro 2, lower luminance can produce noise in dark color measurement that may have a subtle impact on profile quality.

By default, i1profiler extends the measurement period for darker colors, allowing the i1Pro 2 to collect more light and deliver a more precise measurement. If you wish to increase the measurement speed of the i1Pro 2 to reduce the time required for profiling, enable Accelerated Measurement Mode. When this mode is enabled, i1Profiler will increase measurement speed, allowing you to build your profile in less time.

Please note: Using Accelerated Measurement Mode may result in measurement noise for displays that are capable of producing very dark black. In most cases, the difference in profile quality is negligible. However, if your display is capable of producing blacks with very low luminance, you may wish to disable this option.