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Date Created: 4/17/2014   Date Modified: 6/16/2015

+Font Issue On Mac - Text Is Missing Or Corrupt

This font issue on Mac will result in no text displayed or corrupt/jumbled text in the X-Rite Application. This is caused by a font problem on the Mac operating system. This issue can be caused by a problem with an operating system upgrade. Some users have reported that reinstalling the Mac operating system has resolved this issue. If this is not an option, please try restoring standard fonts in FontBook using the following steps:

1. Close all open applications and then open FontBook from the Applications folder.
2. Select "File" > "Restore standard fonts…" > "Proceed" > enter your password > "Restore" > and then "OK"
3. Reboot the computer after restoring the fonts and then open the X-Rite Application. If there is still no text or corrupt text, try reinstalling X-Rite Application and test.

NOTE - Apple added this "Restore standard fonts..." to FontBook in OS X 10.7. This feature is not available in OS X 10.6.8 and earlier operating systems.