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Date Created: 11/4/2014   Date Modified: 5/6/2016

+Failed to Enumerate Displays Error

Monitor calibration does not work when multiple monitors are in mirror mode (this issue affects Windows® installations only.)  If a display is removed from a system, the operating system will put the primary display in mirror mode even though the secondary display has been removed. In this case, the user will get an enumeration error. This error can be dismissed and the user will still be able to make a profile.

In some cases users at one point had a monitor that was disconnected however remains "ghosted" on the computer.  This can be easily detected as the i1Profiler screen will show multiple monitors that do not exist.  In most cases going into the Display settings on either a Mac or PC and trying to extend these monitors will usually resolve this issue.

Lastly, if the display driver is not up to date this will also cause similar behavior.