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Date Created: 11/6/2017   Date Modified: 11/6/2017

+User Library Hidden On Mac

The User Library is hidden by default on Mac. To temporarily show the User Library, open Finder, click on "Go" in the Mac's Menu bar, and hold down the "alt/option" key.  Keep the key pressed down and click on "Library" that should now be in the drop down list.  Release the "alt/option" key after clicking on "Library". 

To permanently show the library...open Finder, select "Go" in the Mac's Menu bar and choose "Home".  Now go to "View" in the Menu bar and choose "Show View Options".  Check the "Show Library Folder" check box.  Close all windows and close Finder.  Open Finder and now there will be a “Library” when you select “Go” in the Mac Menu bar that takes you to the User Library at: Mac HD/Users/<user name>/Library.