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Date Created: 5/24/2018   Date Modified: 5/24/2018

+Scanner Reference File Location in i1Profiler

The location for scanner reference files on Windows is in a hidden folder at:  C:\ProgramData\X-Rite\i1Profiler\ScannerReferenceFiles** 

**ProgramData is a hidden folder by default.  To show the folder, go to Control Panel > Folder Options (File Explorer Options in Windows 10) and select the “View” tab.  Make sure to select the “Show hidden files and folders” option and then click “Apply” to save the setting.  You will need to close and reopen Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 10) to see the ProgramData folder. 

The location for scanner reference files on Macintosh is at:  Mac HD/Library/Application Support/X-Rite/i1Profiler/ScannerReference/Files

 The reference files will need to be placed in the appropriate folder for the scanner target type (i.e., Monaco Reflective, Monaco Transmissive).