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Date Created: 12/15/2020   Date Modified: 12/15/2020

Mac OS Big Sur 11.x and Apple M1 Processor Compatibility

The following current X-Rite software applications have been tested and is compatible with Mac OS Big Sur 11.x:

  • i1Profiler 3.3.0
  • i1Studio 1.5.1
  • ColorChecker Camera Calibration 2.2.0
  • DNG ProfileManager 1.0.4
NOTE:   As of the this publish date (12/15/2020), none of our X-Rite software applications will work with the new Silicon Macs (with the Apple M1 chipset) that happen to also have Big Sur installed.  The i1Profiler and i1Studio apps will not detect a display and CCCC 2.2.0 will not open on Silicon Macs.  The X-Rite Software Development Team is committed to have a solution for the Silicon Macs in Q1 of 2021.