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Date Created: 9/12/2012   Date Modified: 6/6/2016

+Matching printed output to your monitor with ColorMunki Smile

When calibrating your display using the ColorMunki Smile, adjust the brightness level on your monitor so it is comfortable for your eyes. 

If your goal is to achieve an accurate preview of printed photographs, the default settings for your monitor will be too bright. The result of this being prints that appear too dark after using your display to edit your images. An accurate brightness setting will probably appear too dim at first, but you will adjust after a day or two. The following would be suggested:

  1. Adjust brightness level
  2. Profile the display
  3. Print (or have printed) a test image
  4. Compare the print to your monitor
  5. If the print is too dark, reduce the brightness of the display and repeat this process

Now, your color on-screen should be accurate.  Note that neither the Colormunki Smile, nor your monitor can adjust the color on your printer.  So, if you’re making prints at home or buying them from a lab, make sure you’re using color accurate settings and profiles on the printer.