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Date Created: 7/29/2014   Date Modified: 7/29/2014

+Registering ColorMunki Smile

The ColorMunki Smile registration is a one-time-only process that is required for the 12 months of complimentary technical support.  Changing computers will not require registration as the registration is for the ColorMunki Smile device, not the software.

  1. Install the current version of ColorMunki Smile for your specific operating system, reboot, and then plug in the ColorMunki Smile device.  Allow for the device driver to completely install before opening the ColorMunki Smile application.
  2. When the application is opened with an unregistered device connected, it will automatically open the registration window.  To manually open the registration window, click the pencil icon on the bottom of the ColorMunki Smile home page.
  3. Select “Register Now” at the bottom of the registration window to begin.  This will take you to the “My X-Rite” account login on the X-Rite web site.  You will need to login to your account or click the “Register” link to create an account if you have not created a “My X-Rite” account in the past.
  4. Select the software version that has been installed.  If your version is not selectable, choose the highest version available.
  5. Enter the date of purchase and click on “Continue”.  The instrument’s “Serial Number” and the software’s “Registration Code” should be auto-filled in their text boxes.
  6. Select any desired “Areas of Interest” and then click “Submit”.  You will receive a receipt of registration via e-mail.   You can close out of the web site when you see the “Receipt of Registration”.