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Date Created: 2/6/2014   Date Modified: 6/2/2016

+Troubleshooting iOS connection to Windows computers+

If you are having difficulty connecting your iPad, iPod, or iPhone to a Windows based PC, please follow the steps in this troubleshooter.

It may not be necessary to complete all of the steps outlined below. After each step, try the connection. If it still fails then proceed to the next step.

To attempt the connection, click the home button on your iOS device, then click the ColorTRUE icon on your device.

Some of the steps contain a link to a detailed article. These additional support articles will open in a seperate tab on your browser to make it easy to get back to this page. Simply click on this tab in your browser window.

  1. Please make certain that the desktop or laptop computer that you are using is powered on

  2. Please make certain that your computer and your iPad, iPod, or iPhone are connected to the same Local Area Network (LAN)
    CLICK HERE for instruction to identify your network connection on Windows
    CLICK HERE for instruction to identify your network connection on iOS

  3. The desktop or laptop computer that you are using must have XRD version 2.3.1 or newer, CLICK HERE to find links to download the current version

  4. The desktop or laptop computer that you are using must also have iTunes or Bonjour installed on it (if you own an iOS device it is very likely that you do already have iTunes installed). At this time Apple does not have a standalone installer for Bonjour. You may however install iTunes which will install Bonjour. This is required for ColorTRUE to communicate with the measurement device.You may click here to be redirected to the iTunes download from the Apple website: iTunes for PC Download.

      • NOTE: you must restart your computer after installing iTunes

  5. You may need to create exceptions in your firewall to allow communication between ColorTRUE and the measurement hardware. CLICK HERE for directions specific to the Windows firewall. Setting for other firewalls will vary slightly.

  6. Stop and Restart X-Rite Device Services, CLICK HERE for instructions.

  7. Networks in corporations, hotels, airport, coffee shops, etc. may have security settings that do not allow your computer to be automatically discovered by ColorTRUE. In these instances it will be necessary to create an ad hoc (computer to computer) network. CLICK HERE for directions.

  8. Wait a couple of minutes for the new network to become discoverable and try connecting again. If your iOS device goes to sleep you may need to tap on settings and re-establish your connection to the ad-hoc network.