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Date Created: 3/24/2014   Date Modified: 6/2/2016

+Android Tablet and Phone Support

While many Android tablets and phones have USB ports, not all of them are capable of supporting a connection to our hardware.

Mobile devices must be USB-Host or USB OTG (On-The-Go) compatible to work with the Android version of ColorTRUE.

In addition, the USB port must be capable of supplying sufficient power to drive the calibration instrument.

There are many other requirements that need to be met as well, and the Android device market is very fluid. Specific models within a product category may or may not be supported. For example some Samsung Galaxie models are supported but others are not.

To prevent customers from experiencing the frustration of downloading and attempting to use the app on a non-compliant device, the Google Play store will check the specs of your device and only allow downloads to those devices the support all of the relevant specifications.