X-Rite photo

Date Created: 4/15/1998   Date Modified: 5/3/2016

+Pinouts - 309, 310, 320, 361, 810, 811

With the exception of the 820 and 830, all X-Rite "Large" transmission chassis are wired the same. They are equipped with RS232-C compatible DB25s connectors. Pinouts follow:
  Pin #   Function Notes:
  2   Transmit TXD, data transmitted from the densitometer
  3   Receive RXD, data received by the densitometer
  5   CTS Clear to Send, controls output from densitometer
  7   Ground Digital ground
  20   DTR Data Terminal Ready, controls input to densitometer

Note: Lines 4 and 5 are internally connected.

In general terms, connection of these instruments to IBM compatible computers is via a NULL-MODEM type interface. In NULL-MODEM interfaces, several pairs of wires are crossed so that the receive line of one device is attached to the transmit line of the other. Handshake lines too must be crossed if hardware flow control is to be initiated.