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Date Created: 5/17/1996   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-Kodak Q-Lab and the 310

Application : Kodak Q-Lab
Vendor : Eastman Kodak
Platform : PC
Version : v2.0
Cabling : 361-83 (cable) & 881-71 (25pin adaptor) or 881-91 (9pin adaptor)
Notes : Per Kodak tech support, interface consists of a NULL MODEM cable. The following Modes must be set in the 310:
03 AutoPrint = on
04 Auto Time = off
11 Technet print format
12 300 baud ( or 13, 1200 baud)
15 Advanced Technet filter mode
19 Shortened printout (no channel data)
21 Data format as follows...

Also note, the 310 ties pin 4 (DSR) and 5 (CTS/BUSY) inputs together. In print mode, the 310 expects BUSY to be LOW. In Technet mode, CTS must be HIGH, driven by RTS from host.

Kodak's website indicates that version 2.0 is now shipping. The new Q-Lab software will run under Windows v3.1 and WIN95. It requires a 486 or better with at least 8 megs of RAM.

   The support number for Eastman Kodak is... 800-242-2424 Ext 60
   The WebSite for Eastman Kodak is... www.kodak.com