X-Rite photo

Date Created: 2/18/2000   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-WinDense Photo and the 310

Application : WinDense Photo
Vendor : Photoware Limited
Platform : Win 3.1x.. NT 4
Version : v14
Cabling : 361-83 (cable) & 881-71 (25pin adaptor) or 881-91 (9pin adaptor)
Notes : Per latest info from the folks at Windense: there are two versions that operate with the X-Rite 310. The most current Motion Picture package is v14 and the current Photo offering is v14. Each of these packages operates on all versions of Microsoft Windows from v3.1x to Win NT v4. While not explicitly stated, interface consists of a null-modem cable. The X-Rite parts listed above fulfill this requirement. Customers wishing to secure cables locally should be certain that the specify "null-modem" and that they select an appropriate pin count and sex.
Windense Setup:
Baud = 1,200
Word Structure = N, 8, 1
Com Port = where physically connected
Densitometer Setup:
Mode 03
Mode 04
Mode 11
Mode 13
Mode 15

   The support number for Photoware Limited is... (USA) 704-708-5117
(UK) 011-44-141-423-5666

   The WebSite for Photoware Limited is... www.WindenseInt.com