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Date Created: 10/2/2017   Date Modified: 10/31/2017

"Display Not Detected" Error - i1Studio

At the point of measuring the display, users will see a message showing "Display Not Detected" and will be unable to move forward or click next until this is resolved. This message indicates that instrument is not getting a good view of the dipslay during the measurement process.

At the point of placing the device on the screen, make sure that the instrument is in the zippered pouch correctly by examining the shutter before placing it against the display. If the ColorMunki is in the correct measurement position, users can see the slider that needs to be in an opened position on the shutter of the pouch along with a small bulb will visible inside. If some type of writing is shown this indicates that the instrument is not positioned in the pouch correctly and will need to be adjusted before moving forward.