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Date Created: 10/2/2017   Date Modified: 10/26/2017

Device Not Connected to i1Studio Software (Mac)

There are a couple of things that might be a factor in the connection issue of the ColorMunki on a Mac. First  make sure that the Mac system sees the device. This can be done by opening Apple>About this Mac>More Info>System Report. In this window select USB under the hardware contents. Make sure ColorMunki Photo or Design shows under the USB Device Tree. If  not, the USB device isn't recognized by the Mac in which case I would try another port or a powered USB hub. 

If the Mac is in fact showing the instrument plugged in the first thing recommended is to leave it plugged into the USB port and restart the computer.  This will restart the device services that are used to allow the i1Studio software and the instrument to communicate. 

Lastly, make sure that the X-Rite Device Services (XRD) are in fact running. Open i1Studio Software with the device connected to the Mac and go to Applications>Utilities>Activity monitor. Do you see XRDD running? If not we will need to reinstall the services from the following link: