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Date Created: 9/14/2009   Date Modified: 4/27/2012

+The ColorChecker Creative Enhancement Target

The first step to better color is accuracy achieved with in-camera white balancing and custom DNG profiling. The second step is creative enhancement.

Most photographers recognize when skin tones don’t look right, but only those with strong color correction skills can fix it. This type of creative editing usually requires a lot of know how and experience. Even then, it can be a time-consuming game of trial and error, and results are often random and non-repeatable. It only gets worse when you need to manually correct a large number of images to appear the same.

The ColorChecker Creative Enhancement Target provides absolute reference points for creatively changing white balance, so photographers can enjoy the benefits of creative white balance editing. Portrait warming and landscape warming and cooling patches help create pleasing and repeatable edits with just the click of the eyedropper. Now anyone can attain the truest skin tones and an accurate basis for color correction and editing, and apply them to multiple image edits. Plus, the ColorChecker Creative Enhancement target can be used with virtually any Raw processing software.