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Date Created: 1/23/2021   Date Modified: 1/23/2021

Technology Type With Display Profiling

The i1Studio and i1Profiler software applications will auto-select from a number of known displays using a system file installed with the program when using an emissive colorimeter (i.e., ColorMunki Display, i1Display Studio, i1Display Pro, or i1Display Pro Plus).  If the specific display is unknown, it uses our default setting (White LED).  However, if the user knows that their particular display uses another backlight technology type, they can change this in the “Preferences” screen to get slightly better results.  There is a very good web site called "DisplaySpecifications" that provides the display technology type for most displays (non-Apple) released in the past 10 years or so.  Use this link to access "DisplaySpecifications": 


“Technology Type” is located in the “Display Settings” workflow step when using an i1Display Pro in i1Profiler and i1Studio at the top of the window under the display icon.

The measurement device must be plugged in and recognized as such by the application before the technology types are available.   If the device is not plugged in or if the device is not being recognized by the application, the technology type will not be visible.