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Download: DTP34 "QuickCal" Hand-Scanning Densitometer

Version: CB11

Release Date: 11/14/2002

File Type: PC - self extracting exe, Mac - self extracting exe

Download:    PC Version    Mac Version

Notes: The PC version (CB11.exe) is a self-extracting executable file that includes the firmware files. This can be used with a PC or a Macintosh running OSX (which has the ability to extract zip files.) The update process requires Toolcrib version which is available for download at ToolCrib v4.0.2.3 

 After the download of ToolCrib, return here (see bottom of page) to access the DTP34 download (CB11.exe). 

When the self-extracting file is run, it will allow you to select a folder for storage of the extracted files. If no action is taken the files will be stored on your 'C:\' drive in a folder named 'DTP34 vCB11' which will result in the DTP34CB11.HEX and BOOTC507.HEX files to be loaded using ToolCrib v4.0.2.3.

History: This release of the DTP34 (CB11) fixes the following issues: 

· Reduced the power up time for the DTP34 response to the power-up reset command. This enhances compatibility with some 3rd party software packages sending commands to the instrument before it was ready.

· Enhanced ability to update firmware when connected via USB

· Fixed an issue with a yellow strip displaying in reverse order after certain command sequences.