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Date Created: 6/29/2001   Date Modified: 5/9/2016

-What do the LED's mean

The LED indicates a variety of instrument operation conditions:

Operation mode

  • Solid Green- self-test passed and instrument is ready to be used
  • Slow Flashing Green- waiting to read a strip, strip reading in progress, strip being read
  • Fast Flashing Green- strip reading was attempted but the strip was not read successfully
  • Flashing Amber/Green- a configuration barcode was scanned and the instrument is

Calibration mode

  • Solid Amber- Calibration is required
  • Slow Flashing Amber- instrument calibration in progress
  • Solid Green after Amber- successful calibration performed
  • Fast Flashing Amber- calibration attempt failed

Error/Reset Mode

  • Solid Red, or Slow Flashing Red- a hardware error was detected, or the power-on self-test failed
  • Fast Flashing Red- a factory reset is in progress
  • Flashing Red/Green- New firmware is being loaded in the instrument

Note: When the instrument is first turned on the LED will be red while it performs its self-tests. The self-tests will complete in approximately 2 to 3 seconds, at which time it will turn green under normal conditions.