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Date Created: 6/29/2001   Date Modified: 5/9/2016

-Usage Tips Between a DTP32 and DTP34

Operational considerations between a DTP32 and the DTP34 QuickCal


  • Use of the strip guide ­ Insert strip at X
    The DTP32R has a strip guide mechanism that ranged numerically from 5 to 30. Some software packages indicate a setting for this guide. These prompts can be ignored with the QuickCal as no guide is required. This is not an idicator as to which patch to start reading from.
  • Inserting as strip ­ Insert Cyan strip
    When asked to insert a strip, a QuickCal user will then position the instrument on the paper in front of the row to be read, push the measure button and read.
  • Using the keyboard ­ Push Key #X
    The DTP32R has four keys to control the menus found on the LCD. The DTP34 does not require unique key sequences, because it is software driven, therefore these prompts can be ignored.
  • Calibration of the instrument ­ Go to page 2 to Calibrate
    The DTP34 can be calibrated without using menus, as is required for the DTP32 product. A quick calibration can be initiated like any other reading, and a full calibration is initiated by holding the button until the lights turn amber. Please see the calibration section for a full explanation.
  • Configuration of the instrument ­ Go to page 3 to Configure the Instrument
    Most software will automatically configure and setup the DTP32R or the DTP34 for use. Often, this equates to selecting from various communications settings so the software can take over control of the instrument once it is connected. For the few packages that require a manual configuration the DTP34 allows configuration by reading special RCI bar codes. Comon configuration options are supplied as part of your manual and also on your CD ROM. Some configuration settings can be changed via the supplied ToolCrib application.
  • Strip definition - Go to page 3 to edit the strip definition
    Most software will automatically download the proper strip definition directly to the DTP32R or the DTP34. A few packages may ask that you manually define the strip via the keyboard controls of the instrument. Because the DTP34 has no keyboard manual editing of the strip definition for a DTP34 is performed in the supplied ToolCrib software using the strip configurarion tab. This tab will also allow you to define a strip of your own design, and view the data in the terminal window.