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Date Created: 7/5/2001   Date Modified: 5/9/2016

-Resetting the DTP34

The QuickCal reading instrument interfaces to nearly 100 different software platforms. As this instrument can be remotely configured via their remote command language, it is possible that one software package or another may leave the unit in an operational mode that is not compatible with some additional software package. On the plus side, most software authors "assume" that the DTP unit is new from the factory. That is they expect a certain set of operational parameters to be in effect. It is quite easy to return any X-Rite unit to these settings and this is called a factory reset (or preset).

The following procedure will reset your X-RiteColor QuickCal Densitometer to the factory defaults

  1. Disconnect power from the instrument by removing the instrument cable
  2. Press and hold the Read Button and apply power (reattach the cable) to the instrument
  3. Continue to hold the Read Button until the LEDs begin to flash red slowly
  4. Release the Read Button
  5. LED's should return to green.
  6. Your instrument is now reset to the factory defaults and is in DTP32 emulation mode