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Date Created: 10/18/2002   Date Modified: 5/11/2016

+USB Driver Information

The USB connected instruments require drivers for certain operating systems. USB drivers are normally supplied and installed with the software that will drive the instrument, though at times, X−Rite may update its drivers for new instruments or better compatibility with new operating systems. History and information about USB drivers is available by operating system below.

Please note: A traditional serial connection does not require a driver from X-Rite, only USB devices may require a driver.

Windows 95

X-Rite does not support Windows 95 for USB connections

Windows NT

Windows NT does not support the USB interface, no driver support is offered.

Windows 98 (second edition), Windows ME, Windows 2000 

X-Rite USB driver v2.0 and higher should work with all of these systems.
Note: Not all software that supports the X-Rite instrument may run in all of the above systems

Windows 2000 (service pack 2)  XP (home and pro)

X-Rite USB driver v2.0 and higher will work with these systems, but as of this writing is unsigned and will generate a warning upon attempted installation. Installation of this drive is considered safe by X−Rite, and we are currently working with Microsoft to supply a certified driver.

Macintosh System 8.6 - 9.x

X-Rite Driver  v1.01 is compatible with these versions of the Mac OS.
Note: This driver is only compatible with the DTP92 USB, and the DTP34 (QuickCal instrument)

Macintosh OS10.2 and higher

No USB driver from X-Rite is required in this OS, all support for USB is supplied in the operating system.

Linux / Unix

At this time X-Rite does not offer a driver for its USB instruments under the Linux or Generic Unix environments.