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Date Created: 11/13/2002   Date Modified: 4/15/2004

Cleaning the Drive Rollers

The Problem
The DTP41 uses rubber rollers to move the paper pass the aperture. It is very easy to have these rollers pick up ink, oil or other substances which make them a little bit slick. Checking the rollers with your fingers only compounds the problem, depositing oils from your skin, which will make them slick!

Symptoms that can reveal this condition are:
  • Unit fails to calibrate (the calibration strip doesn't go through or skews as it goes through)
  • Media hesitates as it goes through the instrument which results in a failed reading
  • Tracks are left on the media from the rollers.
The Solution
Fortunately it is very easy to fix this problem. Here is what you need:
  • X-Rite's ToolCrib utility software ( This comes with the instrument or can be downloaded from our Support area )
  • A clean cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol
Step by Step
  1. Install the ToolCrib software and connect to the instrument. Select the terminal window
  2. Flip the DTP41 upside down and remove the base using the two clips on the right side (see illustration below)
  3. In the terminal window type DM [Enter] this will start the drive rollers turning
  4. Using the cloth that is slightly dampened with the alcohol (do not use other cleaners that may ruin the wheels) gently press against each wheel to clean off the residue
  5. In the terminal window type DM [Enter] this will now stop the drive rollers turning
  6. Reassemble the instrument
The instrument is now ready for use and should feed media properly.