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Date Created: 1/10/2003   Date Modified: 5/11/2016

-DTP41 firmware loading tools

There are several concerns regarding firmware versions between various levels of DTP41 instruments. For the purposes of this document we will refer to two types of instruments: DTP41 series 1, and DTP 41b (sometimes known as DTP41 series II). The chart below identifies  the latest firmware level each instrument may have and what methods are available for updating the firmware. To request firmware please email to GISupport@xrite.com or check for availability in the Color Management product line section.


  DTP 41 DTP41b
Firmware Version
D421** D422***
ToolCrib prior to version 2
OK for B510, older* No, never
ToolCrib v 2.0
OK for B510, older* No, never
ToolCrib v 3.x
Win, Mac OSX
Win, Mac OSX
ToolCrib or later
Preferred Preferred
Program Loader
Preferred over any 3.x or lower OK
ToolCrib v2.1  (OS9)
OK for B510, older No, never


Please note:  For the DTP41 it is generally unnecessary to update the firmware on an instrument that is operating properly. In some cases, later firmware may be needed for certain software to operate properly. Take caution when loading firmware, if the firmware operation is not performed with care factory service may be required. Never load older firmware on top of newer.

* On the Windows platform, Program Loader is the safest loading program Prior to ToolCrib v4.x..

** This is the last version of firmware for the DTP41 but does not offer significant advantages over B510

*** For the DTP41b (series II instrument) It is preferred to use the version of ToolCrib shipped with the instrument (which will be version or higher)