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Date Created: 8/6/1998   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-ColorTune Pro and the DTP41

Application : ColorTune Pro
Vendor : AGFA
Platform : Macintosh all versions, PC versions prior to 4.0
Version : 4.0
Cabling : SE108-302 (cable kit; PC & Mac) & SE30-177 (125v-250v AC/DC 12v adaptor). If connecting to a USB port on a Mac, the Keyspan Twin Serial Adapter USA28x (X-Rite p/n SE108-USBSERA), is recommended.
Notes : According to information on the Agfa website version 4.0 now provides direct support for the DTP41. However, reports from the field indicate that an additional plugin/applet is still required. It is suggested that the user contact Agfa directly to confirm DTP41 support information. Version 4.0 is available only for the Macintosh platform. It requires OS 8.6 or higher, and ColorSync version 2.6.1 or higher.

Versions of ColorTune prior to 4.0 do not directly support the DTP41. Agfa has produced a small applet to read a supplied target, and create a data file for importing into the ColorTune application. This application is only available by contacting Agfa technical support.

A press release dated September 22, 1998 describes the ColorTune Color Management Module (CMM) engine as now being a part of the Apple ColorSync (v8.5 and higher). Visit the Agfa website for more details.

   The WebSite for AGFA is... www.agfa.com