X-Rite photo

Date Created: 12/14/1998   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-Kodak Approval XP4 and the DTP41

Application : Kodak Approval XP4
Vendor : Kodak Polychrome Graphics
Platform : PC running Windows NT
Version : XP4
Cabling : SE108-302 (cable kit; PC & Mac) & SE30-77 (125v-250v AC/DC 12v adaptor)
Notes : September 1, 1998 -- SAN FRANCISCO -- The Kodak Approval digital color proofing system provided by Kodak Polychrome Graphics, known as an industry "gold standard" for digital halftone color proofing, now includes X-Rite’s new DTP41 AutoScan spectrophotometer, the two companies announced today. The DTP41 is now included to provide an easy-to-use, fast and accurate way to perform necessary, periodic calibration of the digital proofing system. A software interface to the DTP41 is available as a standard component with Approval models XP and XP4, which are sold, distributed, and serviced by Kodak Polychrome Graphics. The X-Rite DTP41 will be included with each new installation of these Kodak Approval products.

   The WebSite for Kodak Polychrome Graphics is... www.kpgraphics.com