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Date Created: 11/24/1999   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-PrintOpen 4.0 and the DTP41/T

Application : PrintOpen 4.0
Vendor : Heidelberg Prepress
Platform : Win95/98, NT, Macintosh
Version : v4.0
Cabling : SE108-302 Interface Kit (PC or Mac). If connecting to a USB port on a Mac, the Keyspan Twin Serial Adapter USA28x (X-Rite p/n SE108-USBSERA), is recommended.

SE30-77 (120V - 240V) auto-switching power supply.
Notes : Version 4 of PrintOpen supports both the DTP41 and the DTP41/T. Targets formatted to be readable by DTP41 can not be printed from the software, but are available as files from a separate folder on the PrintOpen CD. There are targets for the DTP41 available with 210 patches and 840 patches (A4/US Legal/A3/Tabloid) and also the IT8/3 with 928 patches (A3/Tabloid). When the targets with 210 or 840 patches are chosen, it must be taken care before measurements, whether these are versions with 15 or 30 patches per pass; this must be selected in the measurement window of PrintOpen. In version 4 a custom option is also available if your target has been resized during printing. New patch and divider sizes, and the trailer length for transmission targets can be entered in this area.

New in this version is the ability to read the extended set as a single process, as well as more robust communications through USB to serial converters. Everything related to the use of X-Rite instruments with the software is documented very well in the PrintOpen manual.

In addition to the DTP41 and the DTP41/T, PrintOpen 4.0 also supports the X-Rite 528, 530, 938, 968, and the Digital Swatchbook. (The 938 and 968 are supported on the Mac platform only.)


NOTE:    Version 4 requires that the DTP41 have firmware version 8212 (released December of 1998) or later. All DTP41/T instruments will have this or later firmware. To check your instrument you can use the supplied ToolCrib utility and view the firmware version in the setup window.
NOTE:    The DTP41 cannot be calibrated from within the Windows version of PrintOpen. The current workaround is to calibrate manually, using the instrument button before running PrintOpen.

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