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Date Created: 11/7/2001   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-ProofCheck and the DTP41

Application : ProofCheck
Vendor : Southwest Software
Platform : Macintosh
Version : 2.10
Cabling : SE108-302 (cable kit; PC & Mac) & SE30-77 (125v-250v AC/DC 12v adaptor). If connecting to a USB port on a Mac, the Keyspan Twin Serial Adapter USA28x (X-Rite p/n SE108-USBSERA), is recommended.
Notes : ProofCheck enables you to quickly and easily verify that your proofing system is performing to your specifications. ProofCheck's streamlined process allows the operator to verify the quality of your proof in under two minutes. For each proof you run, ProofCheck prints out a customized verification label that details client, color density, and dot gain information.

Also interfaces to any X-Rite 400 series color reflection instrument, the DTP32, and the DTP32TR.

   The support number for Southwest Software is... 512-345-2493 888-2-SWSOFT
   The WebSite for Southwest Software is... www.swsoft.com