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Date Created: 11/20/2002   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-MonacoPROFILER and the DTP41/T

Application : MonacoPROFILER
Vendor : Monaco Systems
Platform : Macintosh, OS9, OSX, Windows
Version : v4.5
Cabling : Macintosh - If tradional serial ports, None Required. If USB ports, requires a USB to serial adapter (p/n SE108-USBSERA - Mac only, with included adapter SE108DB9PA) or   SE108-USBSERDB9 (Cross platform USB to serial adapter)
Windows -  Direct connect using supplied SE108-92 cable.
Power supplies PN SE30-77 switching power supply with removable line cord.
Notes : Monaco's premier color management software. Package includes software to calibrate your monitor, scanner and printer. Also includes profile viewer and editing capabilities. This software supports multichannel profiling up to 8 channels.
Also interfaces with the DTP92, DTP 22,DTP4 and Spectrofiler. A complete system can be purchased as part of the X-RiteColor Ensemble for Color Management.