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Date Created: 5/5/2005   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

-Last Partial Column Won't Measure in Profiler

Some customers have encountered a problem when reading the last column of patches with MonacoPROFILER 4.7.x and a DTP41. The symptom is that the DTP41 will stop pulling the strip through a couple inches past the last patch in the column. The instrument LED will flash green rapidly to signal an error and no data will be transferred to the MonacoPROFILER software. It happens more frequently with longer strips and only on MacOS X.

The error occurs because the instrument did not receive the updated strip definition for the last column. This can happen if the user starts to measure the  last column before MonacoPROFILER has received all the data from the previous strip. Since the software is still receiving measurement data, it cannot tell the instrument that the next column is shorter than the previous ones.

The fix for this problem is to select one of the full length columns in the left pane of the MonacoPROFILER window and then select the last column. This will prompt the software transmit the updated strip definition to the DTP41 and the user will then be able to measure the last column.

While it has not been reported yet, it is possible that the same issue would occur with a DTP45.