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Date Created: 7/16/1999   Date Modified: 5/4/2016

+Rubber Booties - Potential problems w/ new DTP cables

Be Aware -

There is a small rubber tab on the inside of the rubber bootie. This tab should fit nicely into a small groove on the back of the plastic RJ45 clip. In some cases this tab eases out of the groove and rides up onto the surface of the clip itself. Should this occur the two conditions are possible:
  1. The RJ45 clip will be very difficult to insert. It may seem to be fully inserted but may fail to make good electrical connection.

  2. The RJ45 clip may be forced into the female connector on the side of the instrument. When the time comes to remove the clip however, the customer will find that it is jammed.
Solution: Take a good look at the rubber bootie. Be certain that the small tab does indeed slip into the provided groove.