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Date Created: 7/16/1999   Date Modified: 3/16/2004

Calibrating the X-Rite DTP41

All spectrophotometers require periodic calibration to ensure accurate measurements. The DTP41 is designed to ask for calibration every 24hrs of power-up time. In addition, many software applications will require calibration at the start of the program. To manually force an instrument calibration proceed as follows:

  • Begin by locating the Color Reflection Reference (P/N DTP41-100). It is located in a protective envelope. This is a calibrated and certified media NOTE: Each reference for a DTP41 has a serial number, and is to be used only with the instrument it came with!

  • Apply power to the Spectrophotometer.

  • Insert the calibration strip, so that the black and colored squares line up with the mark on the face of the instrument. Insert until it touches the back rollers, this is approximately three inches.

  • Push and hold the black button, until the light turns solid yellow; release the button.

  • Press the black button again (a second time). The instrument LED will begin to flash yellow. The motor starts, but the strip does not move - THIS IS NORMAL.

  • The LED will flash green and then begin to flash yellow again. In approximately one second the calibration reference should begin to be pulled through.

  • If calibration is performed successfully, the light will return to green. If the calibration failed, the light will begin flashing yellow rapidly. If the calibration fails, wait for the error to time out: try to calibrate again.

  • After a successful calibration - return the Color Reflection Reference strip to its protective envelope.

Calibration Complete